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NASH Tackle Сумка для примуса Logix Deluxe Brew Kit Bag

NASH Tackle Сумка для примуса Logix Deluxe Brew Kit Bag
3600,- р.

The hardwearing base, stiffened sides and a neat tray top design make this Logix Deluxe Brew Kit Bag one that doubles as a coffee table to give you somewhere to keep your cuppa where you can’t kick it over.

Three sided zips access four compartment internal storage with room for a kettle, mugs, stove, and all your pots, sachets and jars. One insulated compartment helps keep milk fresh in high temperatures, and for the other end of the season a dedicated canister pocket with exit zip allows your gas bottles to remain insulated and inside the bag - keeping pressure up, kettles boiling faster and your bivvy tidier into the bargain. Finished with twin suede carry handles.

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Dimensions: 22cm (h) x 29cm (w) x 18cm (d)

Наименование Сумка для примуса Logix Deluxe Brew Kit Bag
Цена 3600,- р.
Группа Сумки, Чехлы, Коробки Сумки, Чехлы, Тубуса, Коробки
Производитель NASH Tackle
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