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Preston Подставка стакан тройная OffBox 36 - Triple Rod Support

Preston Подставка стакан тройная OffBox 36 - Triple Rod Support
1950,- р.
Preston Подставка стакан тройная OffBox 36 - Triple Rod Support

Может крепиться к ящикам и креслам с 36 ногой! В комплекте специальные переходники позволяющие крепить его на ноги: круглая 36мм, круглая 30 мм, круглая 25 мм, OffBox 23мм


The OffBox 36 Triple Rod Support is ideal for storing up to 3 rods whilst fishing. We've spent a long time testing and devloping the Support, reinforcing the key stress areas an aiming to create the strongest and most user friendly Rod Support we possibly could. 

Preston ace Tommy Pickering had a key role in the development;

"Anglers nowadays are taking more and more rods to the bank and we wanted to create the perfect Rod Support which was firstly strong and secondly easy to use. The Triple Rod Support is the ideal balance of strength, size and usability. I for one won't be going to the bank without one!".

The Triple Rod Support is compact in design which doesn't take up too much room, it's the perfect size to store in our Accessory bags. The unique OffBox 36 angled teeth versatility gives you loads of different angles to position the Support. So, no matter what the nearside bank is like you can support your rods easily and securely.
It's not just for rods though, it can house pole top kits perfectly too. It's an incredibly versatile and multi-functional Support.

You can attach it to the leg of your seatbox or platform and adjust the angle, leaving spare rods close to hand at all times.

Inserts Supplied; 23mm OffBox, 25mm Round, 30mm Round

Наименование Подставка стакан тройная OffBox 36 - Triple Rod Support
Цена 1950,- р.
Группа Снасти и аксессуары Стойки, Подставки, Ролики, Обвес/Крепеж
Производитель Preston
Артикул P0110006
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