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Drennan Series 7 Carp Feeder 9–45 Rear Drag

Drennan Series 7 Carp Feeder 9–45 Rear Drag
4100,- р.
Drennan Series 7 Carp Feeder 9–45 Rear Drag

A top-quality rear-drag reel for all-round feeder fishing, Method feeder work and hard-fighting species like carp, tench, chub and barbel.
The Series 7 Carp Feeder 9–45 is a high-spec model at a very affordable price. It boasts a number of features not normally found on reels of a similar price point. With its nine ball bearings and a reliable rear drag, it is purpose-designed to cope with the rigours of feeder fishing and subduing powerful fish. It comes supplied with an alloy spool on the reel, plus two spare composite spools. All of the spools are purposely designed to hold 100 metres of popular breaking strains of reel line from 6lb (0.23mm ) up to 12lb (0.30mm) without the need for any extra backing line. This helps to assure excellent line lay, which will in turn lead to better casting performance. The front of the spools have a small recess for rubber line identification buttons. These help to clearly indicate what breaking strain or diameter of line you have on a specific spool. The spools also have a small indentation on the side for the initial knot used to tie the line onto the spool to sit inside. This further helps to promote excellent line lay when loading the spool.

 Key features:

Ultra smooth rear drag

Push-button spools

One-touch folding handle

8 bearings plus 1 one-way clutch bearing

Instant, silent anti-reverse

One alloy spool

Two spare composite spools

 Line identification markers

Серия Series 7 Carp Feeder 9–45 Rear Drag
Цена 4100,- р.
Группа Катушки Безинерционные Катушки
Производитель Drennan
Артикул TRS7CF945
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