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NASH Tackle Удилище Карповое H-GUN DWARF

NASH Tackle Удилище Карповое H-GUN DWARF
от 7500,- р.
NASH Tackle Удилище Карповое H-GUN DWARF
NASH Tackle Удилище Карповое H-GUN DWARF
NASH Tackle Удилище Карповое H-GUN DWARF

Dwarf rods open up new horizons in compact tackle transportation and storage. Fishing on the go has never been easier.

With 9 foot Dwarf rods retracting to just 44 inches and 10 foot models 50 inches they store in the smallest car boots securely out of sight, so you can catch opportunist carp on the way home and still be in time for tea! Youngsters can jump on bikes and cycle through town to the canal or river, hop on the train or bus in pursuit of urban carp, or stash serious carp kit easily amongst holiday bags.

Dwarf challenges traditional thinking – why choose a cumbersome 12ft rod when a Dwarf will cast over 150 yards, be more accurate casting to that gap in the reeds or far margin, and make playing and landing carp an effortless pleasure?

Whether you’re park lake carping, walking the banks of an inland sea or off to foreign shores, Dwarf is a lifestyle choice that embraces opportunity.


Dwarf 9 & 10 foot 2.75 lb & 3 lb

Super cool looks and an ideal action for a variety of different venues from park lakes to the local canal or a hectic commercial. Fish up close and personal, or to a distant island margin where you will appreciate the incredible accuracy that only a 9ft or 10ft rod can achieve.

Dwarf 9 & 10 foot 3.5 lb

A heavyweight carp catcher. These powerful Dwarfs launch heavy PVA bags or Method feeders long distances, and with immense reserves in the butt section easily extract big carp from the thickest weed or most difficult swims. Their forgiving tips enable you to pile on the pressure close to the net without fear of hook pulls.

Dwarf 9 & 10 foot 4.5 lb

Conceived after Dwarf lovers requested a Spod rod, these Dwarfs have proven to offer so much more. We were stunned at their feature finding abilities, and now understand that a 9 ft Dwarf beats a 12 ft marker rod hands down when looking for that critical feeding spot. If you’re fishing for heavyweights - whether holiday carp in a fast French river, catfish or even going sea fishing - this is the Dwarf that triumphs over all.

Серия Удилище Карповое H-GUN DWARF
Цена от 7500,- р.
Группа Удилища Карповые
Производитель NASH Tackle
Артикул Модель Цена Кол-во Купить!
T1952 10 foot 3.5 lb (Mk 2) 7500,- р.
T1953 10 foot 4.5 lb (Mk 2) 8200,- р.
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