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NASH Tackle Раскладушка Zed bed 4

NASH Tackle Раскладушка Zed bed 4
17500,- р.

Enter the Nash Zed Beds – carp bed logic from Nash. The carp world’s first truly flat bed that entirely eliminates the necessity for a hand wheel. Wide Boy width, extra-long, and incredible value.

A brand new concept from the world leaders in carpers sleeping comfort. We recognise anglers no longer use bedchairs as they were originally intended - a bed at night and a chair in the day. In this modern age carp anglers leave their beds in their bivvies, using them for sleeping only. Hand wheels are obsolete; removing excess weight, bulk and obstruction. The Zed Bed enables the angler to sleep flat or by adjusting the head section legs, inclined.

The Zed Bed offers increased length and maximum width at a realistic price.

- Un-interrupted lay flat design without the fuss, weight and obstruction of a hand wheel

- Leg tilt provides head / pillow incline for enhanced comfort

- Extra-long with maximum width

- Super strong rigid frame

- Compacter buckle and webbing means less bulk

- Fully adjustable legs featuring swivelling mud feet with peg holes to prevent slip on inclines

dimensions ( of frame ) : 210cm (L) x 87cm (W)

Weight : 15.8kg


Наименование Раскладушка Zed bed 4
Цена 17500,- р.
Группа Ящики, Кресла,Раскладушки, Модули Раскладушки
Производитель NASH Tackle
Артикул T9305
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