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Стимулятор аппетита Liquid Food Source Liquid Kelp Extract 250 ml.
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Ah! Now we’re coming to the nitty-gritty. For years the average carp man could only dream about getting his hands on a bottle of one particular red hot liquid food that the top anglers whispered about. Secret names were kept strictly under wraps and with good reason as liquid foods form one of the keys to producing a perfect bait. We know of one well-known field tester who has stated publicly that he would rather go out without his trousers than fish a bait without one of our liquid food products

Trigga Liquid Foods

A nutritional blend of pre-digested proteins and natural attractors specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Trigga Base Mix. Available in either 250ml or great value 1 litre bottles. The high-tec development of Liquid Trigga ensures that it is temperature tolerant, which allows baits to be boiled in the usual way without any fear of excessive denaturing of the in-built attractors.

Trigga Ice Liquid Foods

We first played around with spice oleo resins way back in 1988 and have for many years been aware of their potential when incorporated in a high quality carp bait. Consequently, when we were looking for a way of making Liquid Trigga even more effective in colder water temperatures, the most outstanding of all the oleo resins went straight to the top of our list. I think it’s fair to say we choose well. Liquid Trigga Ice in conjunction with the Trigga Ice base mix has totally changed the way many of our field testers now view winter carp baits and indeed what they expect their winter campaigns to produce. Available in 250ml or great value 1 litre bottles. Our recommendation is that Liquid Trigga Ice should be added to the base mix at 5-10ml per egg, which equates to 25-50ml per 500g mix.

3D Liquid Foods

n common with Trigga and many other of today's most successful baits, there is a liquid 3D food source that has been specifically developed to be used in conjunction with the 3D base mix and that complements the base mix ingredients superbly. Based on a pungent combination of natural marine proteins and extracts, the inclusion rate for Liquid 3D is recommended at 20-25ml per 500g of base mix, with plenty of room for experimentation upwards. Liquid 3D really is a very special product indeed and indications from our field testing team suggest that the standard 3D recipe can be made increasingly instant by simply upping the inclusion rate of Liquid 3D

G-Force Liquid Foods

Our field testing team report best results on G-Force base mix with the addition of around 20ml of this wonderful smelling, nutritional liquid food per 500g. Produced from a combination of, amongst other things, human food grade Salmon and Scallop Marine extracts, its nutritional make up matches that of the G-Force base mix superbly, hence our recommendation that for best results, the two products should be used in combination.

Nutramino Liquid Foods

This is another pre-digested food. It is said that 25ml of the neat liquid is equivalent to 3oz of pure digested protein. No wonder carp like it! We are not going to claim any world beating firsts as far as Nutrabaits is concerned. It has been around for many years under one guise or another and it was that red hot product we referred to in the introduction to this section. It has a very strong,slightly sweet taste and a totally individual smell that just screams ‘food’ at the carp. Like Multimino, it too is amino acid-based with added extracts of spleen and gastric mucosa to aid digestion. It also contains liver so bear this in mind when considering using our powdered liver extracts. 20-25ml is the level most top anglers use and this range of levels has been responsible for catching more carp than just about any other attractor you can name

Multimino Liquid Foods

This is, in fact, a nutritional medicine intended for human use and formulated to assist digestion and nutrition in those patients suffering from eating disorders and poor digestion of their food.It is pure to BP standards and is based upon the well-known nutritional aid Phosphorylcolamine. It is a strong smelling red liquid which contains extracts of fresh liver, spleen, amino acids and vitamins and minerals. It is a complex food in its own right and will add enormously to the nutritional signal and digestibility of your bait Being pre-digested it is also very easily assimilated by the carp and, as such, forms a vitalpart of any long term food bait. Unlike other liquid foods, Multimino-PPC does not contain a built-in sweetener which makes it unique in its field. We do not believe there is any limit to the inclusion rate, other than the depth of your pocket, but levels of between 15 and 25ml per 16oz/500g seem to be highly effective.

Corn Steep Liquor Liquid Foods

Many people do not realise that there are several grades of CSL, those at the lower end of the scale being virtually useless for our purposes, so we needed to search long and hard for a top class version that would also be consistent as far as its product profile was concerned. Well you’ll be glad to know that a few years ago we found what we consider to be the most refined and consistent Corn Steep Liquor currently available, one carefully selected from top quality maize grain to produce a liquid food with a well defined amino acid composition and a high level of reducing sugars. This results in a strong smelling liquid that is one of the top carp attractors ever discovered. We suggest no more than 15ml per 16oz/500g mix to prevent overpowering the bait, but if you also want to soak your hookbaits or pop-ups in neat CSL, that will add significantly to the attraction surrounding the baited area.

Liquid Kelp Extract Liquid Foods

You won’t need any further reminding that we at Nutrabaits rate all seaweed products very highly indeed, primarily because they are one of the richest, most natural sources of vitamins, minerals and valuable trace elements available. Not only do we add powdered kelp and granules of dried seaweed to some of our base mixes, The Big Fish Mix and The Four Seasons Mix in particular, we also strongly recommend the inclusion of liquid kelp extract both as a bait ingredient mixed with the eggs, and as a bait soak. Liquid Kelp is totally unique in its nutritional profile and will certainly improve the overall effectiveness of both short and long term baits. In a long term food bait we suggest a level of between 5 and 10ml per 16oz/ 500g, but for a more instant hit you can confidently go as high as 20ml. We recommend pouring an additional 10-15ml over the finished baits before freezing.

Liquid Molasses Liquid Foods

It always amazes us that more anglers haven’t caught on to the amazing fish catching properties of this incredible liquid food. Above all else this is a purely natural product with no chemical additives. For some reason Liquid Molasses seems to attract more than its share of big commons, and we know that Ken and Carole Townley in particular are very keen on using Liquid Molasses to sort out the bigger carp in the Commons Lake. Molasses is a thick black treacle-like liquid with a very individual sweet taste and smell. It can be used at up to 25ml per 16oz/500g mix but most users favour a slightly lower level of 10-15ml for long term attraction.

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