КАТАЛОГСАДКИ, ПОДСАЧЕКИСАДКИ ▪ Садок Silverfish 10' (3м)
4 510 РRUB
Бренд: Drennan
Код: DRN5593
Код товара: 5593
Артикул производителя: TNKDSM010

There are two Carp keepnets and two Carp/Silverfish keepnets, both available in 8ft (2.5m) and 10ft (3m) lengths. Each is made from super soft, carp fishery approved mesh with a robust, fail-safe Angle Tilt mechanism. The Carp keepnets are 40cm by 50cm wide and feature fine carp-sack-style mesh throughout, plus weighted base rings. The Carp/Silverfish versions are 35cm by 45cm wide and made from soft micromesh material with a carpsack-style base over the bottom two or three sections. Again, the last few base rings are weighted. It is also very easy to accommodate sensible sized landing nets inside both sizes of keepnet. Each keepnet has a tab at the base that is large enough in diameter to take a bankstick so that they can be staked out if necessary

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1 980 РRUB
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