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Бренд: Gardner

Designed to cope with the most arduous and demanding situations, Sly Skin Rigs are strong enough to land big fish from heavy weed and when pulling fish from snags.

  • Covert Mugga hook for aggressive hooking and super secure hook holds.
  • 15lb Sly Skin in either Green, Brown or Silt to suit any location.
  • Available in Sizes 6, 8 & 10 in Barbed or Barbless.

All our Skinned Rigs feature Covert Hooks & Swivels for ultimate camouflage and incorporate a small ‘stripped’ section of hooklink near the hook to allow free movement of the bait, enhancing hooking efficiency. All these rigs are tied in the UK by real anglers who take great pride in their work, paying incredible attention to detail and taking the time and effort so you don’t have to.

Tip – for best results, always balance your hookbait to the size of hook you are using

240 Р
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240 Р
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